The conference will be held in Hotel Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek (Izmir, Turkey).

Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek (Conference Hotel)

Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek offers privileges and advantages of distinguished location embracing sea & city to conference delegates with five star hotel quality. Meetings are well catered at high-tech halls  with different capacities and at chic outdoor venues.

Parallel sessions will be held in rooms Konak, Punta, Punta Club, and Foça. Poster session will be held in the Foyer.


How to arrive the Venue?

If you have booked a room in the conference hotel, please contact us to arrange a free shuttle. You can also take a taxi from the airport. You can find cab fare and travel time from this link


Izmir (Conference City)

İzmir is Turkey’s third most populous city and the country’s second largest port city after Istanbul. It is located along the outlying waters of the Gulf of İzmir, by the Aegean Sea. It is the seat of İzmir Province, which has an area of 7350 km2. The city of Izmir is composed of twelve metropolitan districts, each with its own distinct features and temperament. The total population of the province was 4,223,545 by the end of 2016.

Izmir is one of the oldest settlements in the Mediterranean basin. The lastest archaeological excavations revealed that the history of thr city dates back to 6,500 B.C. Traces of civilizations accommodated by the city for 8,500 years could be observed in the artifacts exhbited in ancient cities, ruins, castles, buildings and museums.


The Clock Tower, which is the symbol of Izmir, was built on the order of Grand Vizier Little Sait Pasha in 1901, celebrating the 25th accesion anniversary of Sultan Abdulhamit II Enriching Konak Square with its Ottoman architecture, the tower is 25 meters high. With four fountains on the ground floor, the tower’s clock was a gift from Wilhelm II, he German Emperor.


It was built in 1907 to facilitate the 40 meter transportation between Mithatpasa Street and Halilrifatpasa Street. This structure sparing residents 155 steps, became a touristic value in time. The elevator offers a unique Izmir sight with its restaurant and cafeteria located on the terrace.


Leader in science, maritime, culture and arts, Ephesus is a priceless hertage of the Hellenistic. Roman. Located in Selcuk 74 km south of Izmir. The main artifacts in Ephesus, which was the first city to be made completely of marble, are the Church of St. Jean, Cave of Seven Sleepers, the Hadrian Temple, the Grand Theater with a capacity of 24,000 people, Double Churches, Slope Houses, Isa Bey Mosque and the House of Virgin  Mary that serves as the pilgrimage place for Christians. Ephesus is listeed in UNESCO World Heritage List


Acropolis offers a magnificent Pergamon sight from a 300-meter altitude. Palaces of the Pergamon kings, theater, holy land, temples, agora, gymnasium, heroon and other ruins from the Roman Period are located in Acropolis.

For more information:  IZMIR PUBLICITY BOOKLET